Northwest Wreck Dives

Caution:  Northwest Wreck Diving can be addictive.

Comments about the book
 Northwest Wreck Dives

Posted on the Northwest Dive Club web site:

"Just got mine in the mail today. I like the drawings that they have included of how the wrecks sit on the bottom. I'm making my list now of wrecks that I want to go visit. Good Job Mr. Boyd and Mr. Carr!


Mike Mulligan"  

Also posted on Northwest Dive Club:

"Excellent Book Scott - my compliments!

Scott came to our diveclub meeting last night and spoke about his book. I bought 2 copies, one for me and one as a gift. It's great I've been waiting for a good reference to come along on Puget Sound wrecks. It's well written and well researched.

J.D. Rowe"

Posted on Facebook by Peter Naylor:

"Scott I received my copy of Northwest Wreck Dives today. The cover is beautiful and the content is everything I'd hoped - thanks for taking the time to personalize it. There was clearly a ton of effort involved in producing the book - I hope you guys are rewarded with continuing sales success."

Review by John Dodge in The Olympian:

"It's an enormously popular subject among scuba divers," Jerry Erlich said. "And most of the dives are available to 99 percent of the recreational divers."