Northwest Wreck Dives

Caution:  Northwest Wreck Diving can be addictive.

About Northwest Wreck Dives

Northwest Wreck Dives started as a simple project that came from a common love of wreck diving.  We spent many weekends out searching for and diving our local wrecks and wanted to share what we found with others.  The history surrounding the older wrecks is fascinating and we hope to pass on some of our thrill of discovery and fascination with these old ships.

About the Authors

Jeff Carr

Born and raised in Oregon, my hometown is the small town of Newport on the Central Oregon coast.  From Newport I found my way to Alaska in the commercial fishing industry from 1985 to 1995, finishing my career there on the Alaska Trojan in the crab fishery.  I have Author Jeff Carr protecting his newly found wreck.been diving since 1988 and was certified as a Divemaster in 1996 and later a PADI instructor at Eugene Skin Divers in 1997.  After Alaska, I enrolled in college and graduated from the University of Oregon in December of 2000 with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. In 2002 I moved to Washington and began my career in the timber industry with Washington Alder, where I work to this day. 

I met Scott and Janet in Olympia in 2005 at the Kelp Krawlers Dive Club and quickly realized that I was only the second most obsessive wreck geek that I knew.  We began our book project in 2007 and one day in the summer of 2008 we realized that we would never ever be done with it.  When you read this, it is likely that we are out looking for more wrecks.  

You can contact Jeff directly via email at

You can see Jeff's compressor and his new dive shed here.

Scott Boyd

Author Scott Boyd on Lake Washington.While Jeff was off playing "Deadliest Catch" in the Bering Sea, Scott was hard at work as the captain of an offshore oil rig.  He spent 14 years (80's and 90's) working offshore in Southeast Asia (where it was warm).  Once he came to his senses and moved back to the Northwest, he found that he missed the ocean, so took up scuba diving.

Eventually, his passion for underwater photography and his quest for new adventures led him to the wrecks in Truk Lagoon.  He discovered that WWII history is still alive and well on the bottom of that remarkable setting.  This led to more exploration and adventures, in many caves and wrecks around the world. 

Then, Scott met Jeff.  The old Roughneck and the Crab Fisherman just instantly "jelled" and have been finding and diving wrecks ever since (Janet wishes to add that Scott has been doing plenty of diving, but the house seems to be falling apart around her due to a lack of maintenance - he really doesn't know what she means).

Jeff is really the most obsessive wreck geek on the planet.  This book would not have been possible without his enthusiasm, persistence and relentless passion for wreck diving.